Semantic search is going to change SEO completely – Is this really true

Will you feel upset if your favorite search engine does not remain a search engine anymore? Of course, you’ll not like it, however there is no point of asking anymore because the change is already taking place. Semantic search is changing the search algorithms that were the backbone of the Internet. There arises an important question, “What actually is semantic search?” It is the method of knowing the exact meaning of the keywords that people are using and matching them to their objectives.What do you need to know about semantic search?

Before the semantic search, it was not possible for the results to make a distinction between the individual phrases such as automobile brand “Saturn” and “Saturn” the planet. As such, with the help of semantic search, artificial intelligence is used in order to understand the meaning of the words, the relationship between different word phrases, and the searcher’s intention. Thus, the search engines may provide more appropriate search results and hence better experience for the users. Semantic search will be concentrating in choosing the right keywords depending upon the objectives of the customers and mapping them with the most appropriate content. If you want, you may go through stan softech website to get more information about semantic search.What is knowledge graph?Google provides proper search results only when the landing pages consist of the keywords from search query. Google actually does not know the query but tries to match with the right keywords from the query.

Google is able to answer the simple questions only. In order to overcome it, Google is making a vast knowledge graph of interrelated entities and their features. The graph is the record of structured information that has been collected from the Internet. Thus, it will help you in understanding the queries of the searches and in turn, provide answers to all complicated questions.The knowledge graph will act as a kind of support to the semantic search efforts of Google. It will also help Google in answering the questions on its own rather than depending upon the other websites.Will semantic search bring a change in SEO?You may be asking yourself if the future of SEO will end completely with semantic search.

One thing you need to take into consideration is you will be competing with the others in terms of ranking in the search engine result pages and also with Google since it is going to bring the results from its own and not from the other websites.Another aspect is the stress you will have to put on the right keywords. You will have to know the meaning and the context of your keywords and develop the most appropriate content on those keywords that matches with the right objectives.You must know about the latest SEO updates that are taking place from time to time. So, will semantic search be able to provide better results for the users? Time will show if semantic search is better than SEO.

Accentuate The Presence Of The Business With The Use Of Social Media

Social media provides a platform of interaction between various virtual communities, organizations and individuals. The first such site that came to being was in 1994. Over the years, social media has been utilized by the business owners as a marketing tool and has helped them to reach out to their potential clients. There are various types of social media like social networks, bookmarking sites, media sharing, social news, forums and micro blogging are to name a few. Depending on the nature of their business, the owners chose the type that suits their enterprise. However, it is important to plan their strategies well in advance related to the use of these media.Interact with customers.While using the social media, it is essential for the enterprises to update their content in regular intervals.

It has been observed that businesses spend hefty amounts to monitor their social media presence. The major reason for using these sites is to boost the reach of the company among the readers. You can increase your bonding with the customers through these sires. For instance, if the page has the scope of leaving a comment on the page, the customers can do so, or if there are queries related to the product, a representative of the business can even answer that.Effective for market researchThese sites can also serve as a medium to educate customers regarding your services and products. You can engage your customers to your site by knowing their opinion. The main use of these sites is to transform readers to sales. With regular interaction with customers, the bond that you create with the customers can yield you high ROI.

It is also effective for market research, especially if you want accurate feedback regarding your services, or conduct surveys among readers. It can also give you the activities of your competitors and other companies in the same genre.Reputation management of your businessMaintaining a good image or reputation of your organization is an absolute necessity. A negative comment or blog about your business can harm you immensely. To keep this at bay, organizations have a dedicated team who look after the reputation management. They help in assessing the emotion of the readers through the comments and providing them with good user experience by solving various issues of the users. If few facts appearing in the grapevine are affecting your business, you can use the social media to clarify those and provide an answer to all destructive comments and uphold the image of the organization that you want to portray.Easy to maintainThe social networking sites often acts as a platform for announcing news related to your business. Keep the users updated about the various activities of the business. You can also establish the brand of your company and enhance their trustworthiness through the use of social media. In comparison to the other tools of advertising, social media are inexpensive. Even the readers can use it free of cost and maintaining these pages or sites does not need much technical know-how.Emphasize the global presenceTo make your global presence prominent, nothing can be parallel the use of the social media sites. If you use the traditional tool used for marketing, you may have to spend a fortune, but with various forms of social media, you can do the same effortlessly without spending much. It is also effective for effective and immediate internal communication.

Employees can communicate with each other through video chat and conferencing facilities offered by few social media sites. Social media has the ability to bring together both formal and non-formal way of communication. Be it exchanging ideas with employees or with customers it enables both of these.Author Bio – Mark Stevenson is an entrepreneur at topwebdesignny{dot}com and he propagates the use of the social media to improve the brand positioning. He has used the social networking and micro blogging sites to interact with customers that have benefited his business.